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6. When we visited, the South Lake Union truck was located on Eastlake Avenue, just across from Zymogenetics, but it appears to have moved since then to the Center for Wooden Boats. My husband’s family spent several years in Thailand and he demands a lot from Thai restaurants in the U. S. ; he tells me that his Panang Curry Beef and Ba Mee Hang were just like the street food he enjoyed in Bangkok. Kaosamai does not provide any tables, but the location you’re most likely to visit — near the Center for Wooden Boats — is right on Lake Union and you’ll easily find a place to sit down. The newest entrant on the scene is Where Ya At , a “Creole soul food” truck that just started rolling last week. I tried to find it on the first day it served food po boys, muffuletta, beignets, but failed to figure out where it was at. Believe me, I’ll keep trying. Please note that until recently, there was a truck at 90th and Aurora that sold excellent Cuban sandwiches RIP Paladar Cubano . Dessert trucksUntil this week, I knew of only two dessert trucks, both offering ice cream.

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